Delay Condom

Condom Type: Long love condom can prolong the sex because of delay cream within the condom tip, the delay cream is the benzocaine gel whichis formulated with some plant and vegetables extracts which will make the delaycream nature to man penis head.

Other Names: delay Condom, retard Condom, desensitizercondom

Material: Natural latex;

Standard:  EN ISO4074; GB7544-2009WHO

Certificate:  ISO CE

Overall Length:  Maximum 170mm / 180mm

Flat Width:  52 + / -2mm; 55+ / -2mm

Thickness:  0.065mm

Color:  Naturalcolor, Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Bule or at the buyers requirements.

Wesuggest the quantity up to 2 million pcs if you want to have special color longlove condom.

Flavor:  Banana / apple / strawberry/chocolate etc;

youalso can send us your flavor, we check with our flavor supplier if they cansupply us.

Packing:1pc/wallet; 3pcs/wallet; 3pcs/box; 10pcs/box;12pcs/box; 144pcs/box; in bulk.

Metalbox, or please send us your packing samples, we can check if we can supply you.

IfLong love condom has side effect?

Standard long love condom has no side effect.So we do not suggest clients add more delay cream in condom when they wantsuper delay effect, this will really make the penis desensitize. Our standardlong love condom formula has proved to be healthy and safe for consumers, youcan use it smoothly.

Whatis the minimum quantity if I want to have own logo long love condom?

The MOQ has to be 100,000 pcs.


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