how many types of vaginal moisturizers?

Frankly consumer will difficult to understand the difference between each type of the moisturizer, here we listed them clearly in short.

There are 4 types of vaginal moisturizers:

• Creams.Replens® and Zestica Moisture® are examples of vaginal moisturizing creams. You can insert the cream into your vagina with an applicator 2 to 3 times per week.

• Gels. Gels are used in the same way as creams. They are usually a little bit lighter in colour and texture.

• Suppositories. Moisturizers also come in vaginal suppositories. Suppositories are like pills or capsules that you put inside your vagina. Do not swallow vaginal


• Natural oils. Some examples of natural oils are:

o natural Vitamin E liquid capsules

o natural coconut oil

o natural almond oil

These are the popular items on the market, we can source it easily.

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