Chinese Company Debuts World's Thinnest Condom

Itis so thin it set records. A Chinese condom company has created the world  thinnest latex condom, snagging the GuinnessWorld Record for the barely-there rubber. The so-called thin condom measuresjust 0.0014 inches (0.036 millimeters) thick, beating the previousrecord-holder, Japan condom condom, reported The Province. The ultra-thincondom was manufactured by Guangzhou Rubber Products, a China-based companythat produces roughly 200 million condoms annually. Currently, the so thincondom is available only in Asia, but Victor Chan, who led the project, iseventually hoping to introduce the product to North American markets. He saidthe design process for the thin but durable condom was challenging.

"Itwas quite tricky," Chan told The Province. "It took a lot of work toarrange the right mix and fine-tune the ingredients to give us the rightperformance." Chan is also working on developing a vibrating condom thattargets a woman G-spot and a sanitizing condom that is coated in silvernanoparticles, reported The Province. Innovations in condom technology havegained traction lately. Last year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundationpledged funding for research into the development of new condoms that are morepleasurable to wear. The initiative aims to lower rates of unplannedpregnancies and reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases by makingimprovements to condoms and encouraging more people to use them. This ideareally promote more youth choose condom to protect them, so the so thin almostsame as skin feeling product really make consumer prefer choose.

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