How are condoms produced?

Condoms are popular used during life. It isone of the best way in preventing unwanted pregnancy and reducing sexualtransmitted diseases. But do you know how condoms produced?


Natural rubber latex is the main materialfor condoms. We only import the qualified material from Malaysia or Thailand.When arrive at our company, we will make the strictly quality test, and onlymaterial passed quality test can be used for producing.


Mix the necessary other material with thenatural latex. It includes the chemicals which can make condoms with good elasticsand prevent its aging. In order to keep the quality, during process ofcompound, supervision and sampling inspection will do.


The compounded raw material add into thedipping machine. The glass mold move along a closed belt in the dippingmachine. The belt drags the rods, which are called mandrels, through a seriesof dips into the latex compound. The mandrels rotate to spread the latexevenly. We making 3 time dipping which will better guarantee the condomsquality. After 3 time dipping, the condom shape good. After the final dippingand drying, the condoms automatically roll off the mandrels. A machine shapesand trims the ring of latex at the base of each condom.


Condoms are put in a tumbling machine,where they're coated with silicone-dioxide to prevent the rubber from stickingto itself. Comparing to corn starch, it can control the bacteria better. Thisprocess will make the condoms soft and good elastic.


Each condoms will pass electronicallytested. And sample test for burst and water leakage will to do during theproducing process and before entry into market.


After time and time again test, the goodquality condoms will be packed. Lubricant will added to the condoms accordingto requirement. Each condom in primary packing with LOT and EXP. Then packedinto the box and cartons. Our condoms will provide consumers a safe, secure,happy and enjoyable experience! Condom email:

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