Manufacturing process of condom

Every adult males have used a condom, but we are confused about the manufacturing process of the condom. Go into the condom factory and see how the condom is made. The following is the mainly process of producing condoms.

1. Raw materials: The main raw materials of condoms are natural rubber latex, thatis, white sap like milk collected from rubber trees, containing fine particles of rubber.

2. Compounding mainly refers to the process of blending the raw material liquidused in the production of condoms.

3. After the raw material formula is prepared, the process of forming the condom can be started. Put the hard glass mold into the qualified raw material liquid,and then slowly stretch the raw material liquid to spread it evenly on the surface of the mold. After the raw material liquid on the mold is dried, it isagain soaked to fill the gap.

4.The last production step is sulfur process. When all the production links are successfully completed, the condoms are produced.

5. After the inspection, the condom will be packed into the foil and box with different design and logo.

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