Delay condom ring with no side effect

As we know, the demand for delay condomsmore and more in the market. Now mostly delay condom is adding the benzocaineor lizocaine. It has the good effect for men to keep long time. But if usingconstantly, will make men to rely it and has the side effect. We hereby recommendthe delay ring which has no side effect.

The delay ring is soft and elastic, it willnot break down or out of shape even if stretch too much. The size fits goodafter wearing. It can lock the vas deferens effectively but not feel tight, anddelay the sex love time. It is made by Polymer medical material which is safeto use. This is a sex toy, it can increase the love moment between couples. Itis a good toy using together with condoms. We pack them together with condom inone box, 6pcs premium quality condoms with 1 delay ring. If your market has therequirement for it, welcome customize your private label package. Moreinformation welcome contact us:

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