Vegan condoms brand which registered with vegan certificate

There are many vegetarian who're lookingfor vegan condoms. According to our condom producing experience, casein isusually the ingredient that used for manufacture condoms. So mostly latexcondom not vegan condom. From the website introduction,GLYDE & RFSU condoms are registered withvegan groups. The condom companies that have taken the animal-friendly pledgeuse no animal testing and no animal by-products. Other condoms such as DurexAvanti Ultima condoms and several Pasante brands are formulated as vegan condoms, but they're not registered asvegan products.

Polyurethane condoms or polyisoprenecondoms also not include casein. They're latex free condoms. They're a goodalternative to latex condoms. If you're a vegan, do not choose the latexcondoms.

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