Best types of condoms

1-Choosing a condom for safesex

Latex condoms, polyurethanecondoms, and polyisoprene condoms can all be used to protect against a varietyof STDs. In contrast, lambskin condoms can only be used to prevent pregnancy.

2-To lubricate or not tolubricate

Lubricant can be a good sexual,but not all pre-lubricated condoms the best choice. Ifyour partner has allergies, you're planning using the condoms fororal sex,or even if you simply prefer to have more control over your choices andsensations, it may be better to start with unlubricated condoms and add thelube of your choice.

3-Using condoms to spice upyour sex life

Colored condoms, flavoredcondoms, or textured condoms can be a fun way to add variety to your sex life.

4-Other safe sex options

Except male condoms, femalecondoms, vegan condoms also the safer sex supply.

5-Size matters

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