Stop hacker way: Call us if beneficiary name different with our company

Recentlyour company meet hacker problem with one Brazil clients, hacker enter into ouremail system, and contact direct with our clients as our sales’ name, theylower price and offer a different bank account to our client, So the client paymoney into the hacker’s bank account, which is total different as our own bankaccount. So report to clients immediately and ask our clients to inform theirbank to withdraw the money immediately.

Thepolice told us we are difficult to stop hacker, but we can find the faulteasily if different bank account, so we suggest all our clients call usdirectly if beneficiary name different with our company name. After thislesson, we suggest all our friends / colleague and business partner:

1:Change password each week.

2:Never sign in your email ID and password on any other’s link.

3:Chat with clients by skype or whatsapp or phone before payment.

4:Let clients call us if beneficiary name different.

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