How to choose the right sizes of condom for yourself.

The right sizes of condom gives you comfort,safety and most importantly pleasurable sex. The following points willhelp you choose the right sizes of condom.

1.Check the condom sizes and try to gaugewhether it would fit snugly on you or not. If you feel the condom uncomfortable.Change another one that fits you well.

2. Use the lubricated condoms. Not onlycomfort, lubrication is also important to avoid breakage.

3. For you to stop buying right size ofcondom you could probably buy a variety pack. It will allow you test each andevery size and decide for yourself.

4. Wear the condom the right way. Pinch theclosed end of the condom and lightly roll it down till it reaches the base. Ifyou cannot reach the base, try another size. Try out all sizes to know the rightone which is the best for you.

5. Choose the popular brands which offer theassurance that you are looking for in safe and pleasant sex.

6. Make sure you are buying what fits youright. Once you know the right size condom of yourself, stick to it. Youshould try out a few brands, not only the popular ones, which make the decisionof sticking to it, especially the right size.

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