Flavor condoms can make oral sex safer

Generally, flavoredcondoms don't cost more than other condoms.

Flavored condoms, or condoms with flavored personallubricants, are often marketed as a way to improve the experience of performingsafeoral sex.

Some flavored condoms are novelty products. Others can be used safely for oral sex but aren't a good idea to use duringother types of intercourse.

Before purchasing or having vaginal sex using a flavored condom, it's a good idea toread the box to see if the product is recommended for use during vaginal sex, notbeing sold strictly as a novelty item.

Finally, if you're really looking for atasty treat to spice up your sex life, I recommend buying an assortment.

If you're going to buy regular condoms for oral sex, I highly recommend buyingunlubricated ones. The latex taste is reasonably inoffensive. The same can notalways be said for the taste of the lubricant.

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