Lollipop Condom

What’sLollipop Condom?

Lollipop Condom also called sucker condom ispacked as lollipop or a gift for her, maybe it's a better way to breakembarrassing.

No one enjoys purchasing condoms. It isexcruciatingly embarrassing to walk up to the drug store counter with a box inyour sweaty hands. You try to act nonchalantly, but at the same time you feellike everyone in the store is staring at you. Because purchasing condoms is astrange and stressful experience, it makes sense that condom packed as lollipopcondom, we can put the lollipop condom near the cashier's counter, this maybe agood way for marketing.

OtherNames: Classic Condom, Smooth Condom, Plain Condom

Material:Natural latex;

Standard:EN ISO4074; GB7544-1999

Certificate:ISO CE

OverallLength: Maximum 160mm / 180mm

FlatWidth: 52 + / -2mm, 54+ / -2mm

Inspection:100% Electronically tested

CondomShape: plain, dotted, ribbed

Color:Natural color or at the buyers requirements.

Flavor:Banana / apple / strawberry/ chocolate etc;you also can send us your flavor


260 pcs lollipops/display

16 display/carton, 260x16=4160 pcs/carton

Carton size:70x38x1475px=0.157cbm

Gross weight:16.3kg

Net weight: 15kg

or we can pack as your request.


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