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Donate food and water to front line safeguard in community

Feb 18, 2020, all China still in the corona virus control period, all the communities and villages close to prevent the virus spread. Every community has volunteers to stand on the safeguard for all the peoples in the community, they face the higher infected risk and cold wind at the gate, yesterday our city suffer the wind snow, it's really tough for them at the front line. 

Today the sunshine coming out, our company bought the supplement to help them.

Cooking soybean oil: 5L/plastic bottle, total 20 bottles.

Food Rice: 20kg/bag, total 20 bags

Drinking water: 500ml/bottle, total 400 bottles.

Sincerely hope our food and water can help them, and thanks for their volunteer help to all the people, and wish them stay strong!


Name: Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd





Add:Shandong Province,People Republic of China

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