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CBD Lubricant

CBD Lubricant

Name: LOVELIFE CBD persona lubricants for women

Active ingredient: cannabidiol(CBD)

Other Name: sex stimulating lube


Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Cannabis Sativa Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract,  Hydroxyethylcellulose, VitaminE oil, Lubrajel CGPotassium Sorbate


LOVELIFE CBD is a water-based personal lubricant designed to supplement the bodys natural lubrication during intimate play. The formula is infused with coconut oil and 100mg of broad spectrum CBD for a moisturizing glide.

Why CBD useful for women excitement?

Women are turning to CBD to help improve their sex life. The cannabinoids can supplement the endocannabinoids which strive to maintain homeostasis in the body. In doing so, the ECS will stimulate the ovaries to produce more estrogen.

Dr. Dweck says that women are trying CBD oil, lubricants and sprays to enhance sexual activity and alleviate dryness and sexual pain. They hope that these products can increase pleasure, help libido, set the mood, relax muscles and ease performance anxiety. "Many women need to feel relaxed to want sex," says Dr. Sadaty. "CBD fits the bill."


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