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Vibrators for condomVibrators for condomVibrators for condom

Vibrators for condom

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  • Product description:Vibrators Sex Toy, vibrating ring for condom
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  1. Name: sex vibrator
  2. Material: soft silicon
  3. Inner diameter: 1.74 cm
  4. Outer diameter: 3.7 cm
  5. Color: purple
  6. Weight: 13g per piece
  7. Packing: one unit per foil bag
  8. Function: stimulate for men, delay the time.
  9. Packing data:
  10. 00pcs/small carton, 4small cartons/carton
    Small carton size: 33x28x22(H)cm
    Small carton weight:4.2kgs
    Carton size: 56.5x35x45(H)cm
    Carton G.W: 17.45kgs

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