Custom condom (Private label condom) is Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd's main business, we also focus to study and manufacture new innovative condoms, such as: polyurethane condom, spike condom, printed condom, long love condom, Lollipop condom, Key chain condom, vibrating ring condoms etc. Our factory located at Dezhou, Shandong China and start from 2008. As a professional condom producing manufacturer company, we not only approved by ISO13485 and CE certificates, And also in the US FDA 510K application process, we also invest to improve our condom producing facility and technology to grow up our quality up to premium in condom industry, professional condom manufacturing and exporting experience make us familiar with all details of condom business.

We have a dedicated team of sales coordinator to carefully oversee each process – latex dipping, electronical test, foiling, package and shipping in order to provide quality condom and customer service to our clients.

Condom is a special product which care people’s health, esp the women’s health, so we don’t suggest buy cheap quality condom. And in order to offer client assured premium high quality condom, our company announced a premium service:

A: Picture of actual process daily report. Our sales coordinator will take picture of actual goods everyday and send for clients reference.

B: Foil and box sample confirmation. Our sales coordinator will send foil and box sample to our clients to confirm the package is right and good.

C: Test report by third Lab. Our sales coordinator will choose 2000 pcs sample from bulk goods to test in the third Lab. And we will send the test report to our clients for final quality confirmation.

As many of our clients is freshman in condom marketing,  In order to make our clients' condom business grow well, we offer following recommendations by our experience in this industry:

1: Unique style packing design.

we suggest make own style package artwork, and make sure all the foils, boxes, cartons, instructions, Ads, posters and all condom types in the same design style, this way can make sure consumers or distributors recognize and remember us easily, a better design artwork will means half success.

2: It’s better have new condom in your line.

Consumers maybe can find normal condom easily in popular brands, so they don’t want to choose us if we same condom with popular condom brands. It’s better attraction to consumers if we have new condom which popular brands don’t have. Such as spike condom, long love condom.

3: Premium quality at reasonable price.

Consumers became more and more rational in buy condom, they don’t want to pay more on condom now. Luxury and expensive condom’s market share lower and lower, premium quality and reasonable price condom will have more market.


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