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1: Latex storage tank

Other ingredients & chemicals are added to the latex tank, and it’s heated (“prevulcanised”). During this process, the chemicals react with the rubber in the latex to make it stronger, more reliable and give it low allergenic potential. This process will give the latex stability and strength

2: Dipping Line

A continuous line of cleaned glass formers are dipped into the latex tank, where they become coated with latex liuqid. The glass formers are rotated to ensure the latex is evenly spread all the molds. After drying, the glass formers are dipped for a second time, then the condom dipping process completed, it will poured out by water and then come to next step for vulcanizing.

3: Vulcanizing Machine

Vulcanization is a thermochemical process that cures the rubber by incorporating other accelerators into the rubber compound, this will process will make the wet condom from line became more stronger and elastic in strength.

4: Electronic Test

Each condom has to tested by the electronic test line, the defected one with a hole will reject into the red bag, the good one will put into the green bag, and all the condom will rolled in the process.

5: Foil sealing workshop

We have 20 machines of regular foil sealing machines, and 6 machines of new preimium sealing for large size wrapper, and 3 blister packing machine for buttercup packs.

6: Packing Workshop

Order less than 1 million pcs will handled by workers, and large order's packing by the automatic packing line, which can open box, put condom and box folding and PP film wrapping together in the line, which can save labor salary a lot to help our clients save cost.

7: Factory Warehouse

Our warehouse includes 2 areas, it's 4200 square meters. Mainly stocked all the condom's production materials, packages of foil roller and boxes and the finished goods waiting for delivery.


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