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Sample is Free:

Sample confirmation is super important for bulk order production. We can offer clients condom sample in free within 100 units. As there are different types condom, so we will offer some pcs of each type for clients quaity reference, esp the new types condom and package, which will help our clients learn the market and the trend. Not only the condom's quality, the package's types and quality also important for clients.

We will charge some fee if more than 100 pcs. If clients want the sample in their own label, the cost as following:

Foil film fee: us$80/color

Foil setup fee: us$250/design

Box setup fee: us$200

Courier Freight:

As there are many clients worldwide inquiry us condom sample, it's a huge finance burden if we free of charge of freight, so we have to charge the freight of about us$50-80 according to clients address and sample quantity.

DHL is our cooperated courier, they are fast and trust partner more than 15 years with our company. A little expensive than others, but they are more fast.

Or clients also can use their own courier service to pick up sample from our company.

Russia, Ukraine and Belarus only need send by EMS, others courier don't has access to the 3 countries from 2022. Their freight for document is RMB 300. 


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