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  • Mango Romantic Spike Condom
Mango Romantic Spike Condom

Mango Romantic Spike Condom

  • Category: Mango brand condom
  • Product description:Mango condom, brand condom, alien condom, novelty condom,hammerhead condom,thorn condoms, thorn rose condoms
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  • Brand: Mango
  • Type: Romantic spikes
  • Width: 52 mm
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Shape: Romantic Spikes, hammerhead shape condom
  • Lubricants: 1000 mg lubricated. which will prove lubricated in use
  • Foil shape: Spike's foil bag (65×75 mm)
  • Packing: 1pc spike condomic /box, 36 boxes/shrink bag, 22 bags/carton, 792boxes/carton

  • Description of advantage: Romanic spikes are the best seller, it has the big latex head on the tip of condom, which can stimulate women G spot easily and offer them the max sexual pleasure. At the same time, as it's also made based on condom, so it also can prevent consumers from HIV AIDS and unwanted pregnancy.

  • Can I revise some of the  foil wrapper and box design?
  • yes, we can revise as clients requirements if quantity up to 10K boxes each type.

  • Can I add my company information on the back of box?
  • yes, we can if quantity up to 10k boxes each type, we also can make clients own label foil wrapper.

  • Can I be exclusive distributor of Mango spike condom in my market?
  • Yes,  but we have some requirements, let’s discuss details in email, thank you.

  • Can I produce own brand spike condom in your company?
  • Yes,  we can, pls send us your box design and make a choice which type spikes is your favorite, so we can calculate for you.


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Add:Shandong Province,People Republic of China

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