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  • ROMO non latex condoms
ROMO non latex condoms

ROMO non latex condoms

  • Category: Romo brand condom
  • Thickness: 0.01-0.02mm
  • Surface: Smooth
  • MOQ: 10000 units
  • Standard: ISO 23409
  • Product description:ROMO non latex condoms made from polyurethane, their thickness only 0.01-0.02mm, which is only 1/3 of regular latex condom, so this type product can offer consumer more skin feeling and let consumer f
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  • Brand: ROMO
  • Type: Non latex or latex free condoms
  • Material: water based Polyurethane ( new material)
  • Width: 54 mm
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Shape: plain/smooth/classic
  • Lubricants: 400 mg silicon lubricant
  • Foil shape: Square foil wrapper (55×55 mm 55X58 mm); buttercup container/capsules
  • Box: 3 pcs condom per box; 10 pcs/box

  • Introduction: ROMO non latex condom made from polyurethane material, their thickness only 0.01-0.02mm, this material is more easy for the heat transfer, so which can make both partner fee each other's skin temparture, so most clients prefer to choose the polyurethane condoms instead of latex condom, which is a new trend in condom market, esp in the Asian market. Currelty due to the higher cost of polyurethane material, their cost is almost ten times than the latex condom, so not all the consumer can afford it. It will take more market share when the cost lower and lower.

  • As a custom condom plant maker, we also can custom make clients own label polyurethane condoms at smaller MOQ only 10000 units, and most clients perfer to choose the buttercup container package, which looks more luxury than regular square foil wrapper, welcome inquiry us by email: sales@OEMcondom.com


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