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  • Romo flavor condoms
Romo flavor condoms

Romo flavor condoms

  • Category: Romo brand condom
  • Product description:Romo flavor condoms private label factory, we can supply clients many different types flavors condoms.
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  • Brand: ROMO
  • Type: Plain condoms
  • Width: 52 mm
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Shape: plain/smooth/classic
  • Lubricants: 600 mg lubricant, more lube is also possible.
  • Foil shape: Square foil wrapper (55×55 mm 55X58 mm 58x59mm)
  • Box: 3 pcs condom per box; 10 pcs/box
  • Flavors: Orange, Apple and Strawberry are most clients' choice, we also can use others clients asked flavor.

  • Can I revise some of the box design?
  • yes, we can revise as clients requirements if quantity up to 10K boxes each type. Better make sure the design in similar style, it's not good looking if too much different in the style.

  • Can I add my company information on back of box?
  • yes, we can if quantity up to 10k boxes each typeNormally we always print clients own company name/phone No./website on the back of box when order up to 10000 boxes of each type. this will help a lot for our clients' local marketing.

  • Can I be exclusive distributor of Romo condom in my local market?
  • Yes,  but we have some requirements, let’s discuss details in email, thank you. In our thinking, Exclusive distribution will protect our partners interest at best level.


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Add:Shandong Province,People Republic of China

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