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  • Spiral Spike Condom
Spiral Spike Condom

Spiral Spike Condom

What’s Spiral spike condom?

Spiral condom means the soft rubber thorns spiral around the condom's shaft, which will stimulate the female at best level, it's also our classic type in all the spike condoms shapes.

What’s spike condom’s other name?
Spike Condom also named spiked condom, teeth condom, alien condom, or rubber thorn condom, fun condoms, novelty condoms,tickle condoms, tickling condoms, weird condoms, French tickler condom, spiky condom, stimulating condoms

What’s spike condom package?
Inner packing: PP foil wrapper, or blister package. Outer package: box.
we also have Romeo logo neutral packing spike condom, welcome clients buy our Romeo spike condom for smaller quantity order. welcome your inquiry, our spike condom price list wait you.

If I can have own logo spike condom?
Yes, you can has own logo pack, we suggest each type’s quantity more than 10 000 pcs.


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