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  • Warming condoms
Warming condoms

Warming condoms

  • Category: Classic Condom
  • Color: Natural
  • Surface: Smooth or textured
  • Certificates: ISO/CE
  • Standard: ISO 4074
  • Product description:Warm condoms are a unique condom that is designed with a special lubricant that can make your love making pleasurable and helps to experience the warm from your partner.
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  • Name: Warm or warming or hot condom
  • Material: Natural latex imported from Thailand
  • Lubricants: Silicone oil with unique warm formula designed by our engineer team.
  • Size: 52x180 mm 55x190mm
  • Thickness: 0.065+/-0.015 mm
  • Package: foil wrapper/capsule/blister/box
  • Standard: ISO4074 GB7544
  • Advantage: Offer warm feeling during sex
  • Similar name: warming condom, hot condom, fire feel condom

Remark: Warm condoms are a unique condom that is designed with a special lubricant, which will bring greater sensation and pleasure in love making. Warming condoms have a warming lubricant for more hot sensation pleasure. It may provide extra stimulation and sensation from the partner which evokes a deeper sexual response. Warming condoms features special lubricant on both the inside and outside that activates with body moisture to release a gentle warming feel to thrill you. Choose it in winter, it's really a fun journey!


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