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Top 5 spike condom manufacturers in the world

Spike condoms are produced by high quality rubber latex material which is very soft and flexibility to ensure secure fit. The spike condoms can increase length and girth to boost the confidence for the men and enhance the stimulation to reach new sensations. Due to the rubber thorn and dots textured surface, it can heighten sensitivity and help women easily reach the orgasm. It is customizable fit to ensure comfort and enjoyment. You can buy spike condoms from online store or adult shops for personal use. If you want to be a wholesaler or build your own brand spike condoms. You can contact the following top 5 spike condoms manufacturers in the world which have many years production and exportation experience can ensure the good quality and best service.

1. Long Shock

One of condom manufacturers in Thailand. They mainly produce the spike condoms with 6 big dots in yellow color which are very popular in Asia, mainly hotselling in Vietnam. Their brand name is X-Men. You can buy for personal use or be their wholesalers.

2. Sitabella

The manufacturer in Russia produce types of Spike Condomic. These massage device enable people to enjoy the sex, thereby improving the life quality of couples.

3. SSN Medical Products SDN BHD

It is a trusted manufacturer of latex glove and condoms in Malaysia. Their own brand called Better Man. They can also OEM/ODM brand Spike condoms.

4. Condomerie

Condomerie is a famous condom online store that produce different colored and shapes spike condoms, They mainly produce French Tickler condoms. All their products are funny and handpainted. You can buy these funny condoms from their online store.

5. ROMO Latex Factory

ROMO Latex is the first spike condoms manufacturers in condom industry that have more than 20 years condom production and exportation experience. They have their own brand MANGO and ROMO. They can also produce about 30 types of spike condoms and focus on customizing customers own shape and figures condoms. If you want to build your own brand spike condoms. ROMO Latex Factory is your best choice.

Spike condoms can add to the enjoyment of every intimate moment for couples. They are funny and safe that available in many variety for you to choose from. Most market take it as novelty product or sex toy, so distributors can sell it freely without any regulations. 

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