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Round Condom Wrapper

Condom foil wrapper has 3 shapes: Square foil wrapper; Rectangle foil wrapper; Round foil wrapper, square and rectangle shape foil wrapper is the standard package, the round shape foil wrapper is new types, which looks more luxury. So you can choose this round shape foil wrapper if you want your own condom brand outstanding and different with others.

Square foil wrapper's size at: 55x55mm, 55x58mm, 60x60mm; Rectangle foil wrapper size at 2.9x7cm; Round shape foil wrapper's diameter at 6.3cm, which is larger than others, so the cost also higher than others. Based on 1 million pcs plain condom at standard size of 52x180mm, square foiled condom's size at us$0.03/unit, Round foil wrapper's cost at about us$0.045/unit. So please make sure your potential clients can accept the higher cost.

If you has your own ideas of package on foil wrapper and box, we also are pleasure to work out for you, such as some clients ask us the wallet shape pack or the cigarette shape box, which looks unique with others. It's really easy for you to win if consumers can recognize and remember your own condom brand if you has a unique pack. As a custom condom maker, our engineers are pleasure to work out for your special or unique ideas.


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