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  • Delay Spray
Delay Spray

Delay Spray

Delay spray helps prevent rapid ejaculation, prolongs duration during intercourse, which brings better and powerful orgasm. No more embarrassing situations in the bedroom - longer and more intensive pleasure guaranteed!

  • Color: Transparent with a little yellow color.
  • Flavor: non flavor
  • Pack: sprayer of 5ml or 10ml, box.
  • MOQ : 1000 pcs in sprayers
  • We can custom print clients own label on sprayer and box.

  • Ingredients of herbal formula: 丁香(Syringa Linn), 五味子(Schisandra chinensis), 细辛(Asarum sieboldii Miq),淫羊藿(Epimedium brevicornu Maxim 乙醇(Ethanol), 去离子水(deionized water ,醋酸氯己定(chlorhexidine acetate)
  • Advantage: No side effect, no numbing feeling.
  • Disadvantage: Need spray it half hour before sex, massage it to absorb enough to effect. No immediate effect.

  • Ingredients of chemical formula: Benzocaine or Lidocaine
  • Advantage: Effect immediately.
  • Disadvantage: numbing feeling, and it will make consumer reply on it.

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