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Delay SprayDelay SprayDelay SprayDelay Spray

Delay Spray

  • Category: Personal lubricant
  • Product description:Delay Spray custom supplier factory, delay spray for men, lidocaine spray, benzocaine spray
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Delay spray helps prevent rapid ejaculation, prolongs duration during intercourse, which brings better and powerful orgasm. No more embarrassing situations in the bedroom - longer and more intensive pleasure guaranteed!

  • Color: Transparent with a little yellow color for herb formula; transparent for chemical formula.
  • Flavor: non flavor
  • Pack: sprayer of 5ml or 10ml, box.
  • MOQ : 1000 pcs in sprayers

  • Ingredients of herbal formula: 丁香(Syringa Linn), 五味子(Schisandra chinensis), 细辛(Asarum sieboldii Miq),淫羊藿(Epimedium brevicornu Maxim 乙醇(Ethanol), 去离子水(deionized water ,醋酸氯己定(chlorhexidine acetate)
  • Advantage: No side effect, no numbing feeling.
  • Disadvantage: Need spray it half hour before sex, massage it to absorb enough to effect. No immediate effect.

  • Ingredients of chemical formula: Benzocaine or Lidocaine
  • Advantage: Effect immediately.
  • Disadvantage: numbing feeling, and it will make consumer reply on it.


The key of delay spray project is the FDA/MOH registration, our company can offer all the related files and help clients got approved from local authority, and already successfully help more than 20 clients got registration, so you can sell legally.


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