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  • Polyurethane Condom
  • Polyurethane Condom
  • Polyurethane Condom
Polyurethane CondomPolyurethane CondomPolyurethane Condom

Polyurethane Condom

  • Name: Polyurethane condom
  • Material: water based Polyurethane
  • Size: 55x185mm
  • Thickness: 0.01mm; 0.02 mm; 0.03mm
  • Package: foil wrapper/capsule/container/box
  • Standard: ISO 23409 2011
  • Advantage: For more skin feeling, more sensitive, more thinner than latex, so consumers can feel each other's skin temperature, just like wear nothing to promote more consumers prefer to choose condom in their love process.
  • Similar name: latex free condom, non latex condom, sensitive condom, super thin condom, air condom


  1. 1 We recommend the latex allergic consumers choose the polyurethane condom. It's their good choice.
  2. 2 And the polyurethane condom's cost is 10 times higher than latex condom, which is rather expensive.
  3. 3 PU condom approved by ISO, latex condom is ISO/CE approved.
  4. 4 MOQ only 10000 pcs to make own logo pu condoms. So easy to start it.


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