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  • Mango Sensation Dotted Condom
Mango Sensation Dotted Condom

Mango Sensation Dotted Condom

  • Brand: Mango
  • Type: dotted / studded
  • Width: 52 mm
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Shape: texrtured
  • Lubricants: 600 mg lubricated.
  • Foil shape: Square foil wrapper (55×58 mm)
  • Packing: 3 pcs condom per box; 36 boxes/display.
  • 12 pcs condom per box; 12 boxes/display.

  • Dotted condom is a type of contraceptive device made from thin natural rubber and has a slightly bumpy surface covered with dots, which formed in the glass dipping molds. It provides extra sensation to users during intercourse, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add some spice to their sex life while still protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The dots also provide a greater level of friction, allowing couples to enjoy a more pleasurable experience.

  • if I can revise some of the pack design?
  • yes, we can revise as clients requirements if quantity up to 10K boxes each type.
  • if I can add my company slogan or any information on back of box?
  • yes, we can if quantity up to 10k boxes each type
  • If I can be exclusive distributor of Mango condom in my market?
  • Yes,  but we have some requirements, let’s discuss details in email (sales@OEMcondom.com)  thank you.


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