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  • Mango flavored condoms
Mango flavored condoms

Mango flavored condoms

  • Category: Mango brand condom
  • Product description:Mango flavored condoms suppliers, welcome distribute our own logo condom or we also canc ustom produce for clients own label product.
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  • Brand: Mango
  • Type: flavor, we also can use clients own flavour.
  • Width: 52 mm 55mm
  • Length: 180 mm 190mm
  • Shape: smooth or texured both are workable.
  • Lubricants: 500 mg lubricated.
  • Foil shape: Square foil wrapper (55×58 mm)
  • Packing: 3 pcs condom per box; 36 boxes/display.
  • 12 pcs condom per box; 12 boxes/display.

Flavored condoms are designed to add an extra layer of pleasure to intimate moments while providing the same protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases as standard condoms. They are made from natural rubber latex, and come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, banana, raspberry, blueberry, rose and many more. The flavor is generally only experienced on the outside of the condom, making them ideal for oral sex while still providing the same level of protection against unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

  • if I can revise some of the package design?
  • We can revise as clients own requirements if quantity up to 10K boxes each type.
  • if I can add my company slogan and other information on back of box?
  • We can if quantity up to 10k boxes each type
  • If I can be exclusive distributor of Mango condom in my market?
  • Yes,  we have some requirements, let’s discuss details in email, thank you.
  • If I can produce my own label condom in your company?
  • Yes,  private label production is our main work, welcome inquiry us by email: sales@OEMcondom.com


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Add:Shandong Province,People Republic of China

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