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  • Oral Sex Condom
Oral Sex Condom

Oral Sex Condom

  • Category: All type condom
  • Product description:oral condom not only protect you from oral sexual contacts, which also will make love more romantic in tastes, it worth a try to make your love more tasting.
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  • Name: Oral condom
  • Material: Natural latex
  • Lubricants: Water based lube with good taste fruity flavor.
  • Flavor: Vanilla, Banana, Cherry, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange , Apple , Chocolate, Mint, customized flavor also possible
  • Feature: condom without tip is better fit for oral
  • Size: 52x180 mm 55X190 mm
  • Thickness: 0.065 mm
  • Package: foil wrapper/capsule/box
  • Standard: ISO4074 GB7544
  • Advantage: mainly use for oral sex.
  • Similar name: tongue condom

Introduction: For oral on a partner with a penis, you should consider using a condom that covers the penis for all acts of sex. Oral condom is designed for this act, Without the tip, this will avoid the disgusting in mouth, no oil, and good fruity smell will make consumers like the oral sex more.

Oral Sex Condoms are designed to provide the same level of protection as regular condoms during oral sex. They are made from a natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber (Polyurethane) and come in a variety of flavors such as banana, cherry, and mint. The lubricant on the condom has a pleasant taste and smell, which will making oral sex more enjoyable. Oral Sex Condoms provide a reliable form of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, while also adding an extra layer of pleasure during intimate moments. Why not has a try? it will make love more romantic.


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