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  • Ultrasonic Couplant Gel
  • Ultrasonic Couplant Gel
  • Ultrasonic Couplant Gel
Ultrasonic Couplant GelUltrasonic Couplant GelUltrasonic Couplant Gel

Ultrasonic Couplant Gel

Ultrasonic couplants are used in virtually all contact testing applications to facilitate the transmission of sound energy between the transducer and the test piece.

  • Name: Ultrasonic Couplant Gel
  • Other name: Ultrasound Transmission Gel
  • Package: pouch, tube, bottle
  • Application: Used for ultrasonic examination
  • Storage Room temperature: 4-30°C Guarantee Period 24 months
  • Other service: OEM service available
  • Method of Application:  During the ultrasonic examination, squeeze the coupling gel and apply it directly on the diagnostic position. Upon scanning by the ultrasonic instrument, a clear image may be acquired. After completing the examination, wipe out the remaining coupling agent with tissue paper.

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