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Dragon Condom Price

Dragon condom is a series name for alien condom products, mainly is the spiked condoms. This hammerhead alien condoms similar as the dragon's head, so some consumers also call it dragon condom, which can offer female consumer the max sexual pleasure, and easily make them reach orgasm and touch the female's G spot, so we always write a remind on the box: Only use for women after give birth. So we don't reocmmend use for the young girl, although it make from soft rubber and silicon, it will has chance damage them. As for the young consumers, we recommend choose the simple spike condom at first if you really want try more pleasure.

As for the dragon condom's name, some company also named on crystal condom, which also can enlarge the penis and stimulating the female's G spot and help them reach orgasm too, and it can reuse, so which also has a certain group of consumers favorite to use it. The silicone sleeve can enlarge the penis, it also can prolong the ejaculation too, thats' why man consumer prefer to buy it.

As a custom condom maker, we can make clients own designed shape condom, not only the dragon head shape, we also can make others animal shape condom, which already wildly used in Holland and other EU markets, any thing is possible, let's try on any new ideas! Hope we can offer the world more pleasure by our products.


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