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Condom Size Chart

How to find the best fit size condom? This is a question for most consumers when they first time buy. Condom sizes are determined by nominal width or the measurement across the rolled-up condom, and by length, the measurement from tip to the base when fully unrolled. Based on width and length, we have 3 size options for clients: 49x170mm, 52x180mm, 55x190mm, you need find your best fit size condom in sex protection, which will give you the best protection.

As for penis' girth, the typical measurement method is to use a non-stretchable string or soft measuring tape to gently wrap around the thickest part of the erect penis. With a tape measure, the girth measurement can be checked using the inch marks on the tape itself.

Normally we recommend consumers choose standard size 52x180mm is fine, after first try, you can has a feel of tight or loose, and choose the XXL condom if you feel tight, or choose snug fit condom (49x170mm) if feel loose after wear it. Frankly we also has clients inquiry of the extra larger size, they want more width than 60mm, this size need custom production and need MOQ up to at least 2 million pcs, but most of them can't afford this huge quantity. As a custom condom maker, we can make clients own size condom, it's no problem. if you still can't find the best fit size condom, please email us for recommendation: sales@OEMcondom.com


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