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Best condoms for feeling

Which type of condom can offer consumers the best feeling? This is the main concern for all the condom factories, they all want to create the best feeling product for their consumers. The following are their mainly concerns which affect feeling:

1: Thickness:

The thinner of condom, the more feeling for consumers. So they want use the thin condoms, it's better wear it but feel nothing. Regular thickness at 0.065mm, the thin condom at 0.045mm, the thinnest condom at 0.01-0.02mm, so consumer can feel the other's skin temparture more easily.

2: Material:

Most condom made from natural latex, but we find the polyurethane condom can transfer heat more easily than latex, so which also can offer consumers more feeling. others materials also in test in our Lab, our engineers persist in search new material for condoms product and offer consumer more feel. The best condoms for sensitive skin, the Durex brand also announced the Real Feel Avanti Bare Polyisoprene are made from polyisoprene, the same non-latex material as our top overall pick Lifestyles Skyn to deliver ultimate sensitivity.

2: Lubricants:

Now the silicone lubricants are widely used in the condom, we also use water based lube in the condom too, and we find only warming or cooling lube can offer the feel, now we also once use tingling lube in condom. In order to mimic the sperm, we also announced the milky white cum lube, or the hyaluronic acid lube also used in condom, which same as cosmetic skincare lotions.

So after study above 3 factors affect feeling, we highly recommend choose the polyurethane 001 condom if you want the best feeling, which can offer the neare skin feel.


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