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  • Conceive Fertility Lubricant
Conceive Fertility LubricantConceive Fertility Lubricant

Conceive Fertility Lubricant

Fertility-Friendly Lubricant is a high-quality lubricant that mimics fertile cervical fluids to support sperm on their journey. Unlike most other normal lubricants, Fertility-Friendly Lubricant is pH-balanced and isotonic,  normal lubes are slightly acidic to match the PH level of the vagina (3.8–4.5), which could contribute to their toxicity to sperm. Fertility-Friendly Lubricant's PH matches that of semen and cervical fluid (approximately 7, or neutral), so sperm can swim freely.

Color: transparent
Pack: tube/spray/bottle/sachet

Ingredients: Purified Water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, fructose, arabinogalactan, sodium phosphate, salt, potassium phosphate, methylparaben, propylparaben

MOQ : 10000 pcs in tube/sprayers. 100000 sachets. 5000 bottles of 80ml.
Advantage: Fertility friendly, better for conceive.
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