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Sex Toy Cleaner

Sex Toy Cleaner

【Product name】Sex toy cleaner

【Main Ingredients】Polyhexamethylene

【Scope of application】Antibacterial,Cleaning care,decontamination,and odor removal of adult toy

【Usage and Dosage】Spray directly on the surface of the object to be cleaned, and then rinse with water.

【Precautions】This product is for external use and cannot be eaten. Avoid getting into eyes.Please keep it cool and dry. If you have allergies, please rinse with water. Please keep it in a place out reach of children.

【Specifications】20 ml or customs volume

【Pack】Spray bottle

【Validity】24 months

Sex Toy Cleaner is a special type of cleaning product designed to help keep sex toys clean and hygienic. It is typically composed of ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol and tea tree oil, which are gentle but effective in killing bacteria and neutralizing odors. The cleaner may be used before and after each use to keep the toy free of dirt and germs, and should ideally be stored away from other products to ensure that it retains its potency. As with all cleaning products, it is important to follow the directions provided on the packaging when using Sex Toy Cleaner.

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