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Never choose cheap condom

After China recover from the corona virus and the other world fall into the trouble of it again, China government donate some masks/ventilators/and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to friendly countries, esp the country who once help China at Feb of 2020, such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Pakistan, Italy and Serbia etc, these so valuable goods enjoy highly reputation locally.

As more and more factory start the production, China open the business channel to the foreign buyers or hospitals, there occurs another problem, they also suffer from the finance difficulties, so they want use their limit funds buy more protection equipment, such as civil mask price is about us$0.2, but medical mask price at 0.4, KN95’s price at us$2, if they has funds of us$20,000, they can have 200 000 civil mask, 50000 medical mask, 10000 KN95 mask, as one mask can save one life, they always tend to choose the civil mask, some buyers even use the civil mask in hospital, which really make the doctors and nurses in risk, that make the doctors complain the mask not up to the medical level, not offer fully protection, when they know it’s from made in China, then they complain the whole made in China, that’s not good for all of us.

From China factory said, we have medical level, you can’t afford, your importer choose the civil level and send them to hospital use, we really can’t control it. Such as the PPE( personal protection equipment), civil use price at us$10, medical level at us$25, most buyers still choose the civil PPE, we know they will use for hospital, what we should do? Medical PPE cost so high, we really can’t produce it at civil PPE’s price, keep quality is our manufacturer’s responsibility, we really can’t control how to use it, or where use it?

Condom in same situation with MASK/PPE, we don’t want produce the cheap order, always recommend clients choose the quality or premium one, but they still want bargain and bargain again and again, this process really hurt all of us, factory, buyer, end users. And after 15 years works, we already gain some quality buyer, they take quality prior to price, and their business increase every year, and cheap buyer difficult to live longer.

So be quality producer, be quality buyer, is better for all of us.


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