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Instant Hand Sanitizer is our new product to prevent the virus spread

2020 Feb's10, Wuhan city suffers the corona virus firstly in the world, China government take measures immediately to control the virus, stay home and outside only for urgent thing, then all the people flood into the market to source their basic food and water, and then the sanitizer and 75% Alcohol. When time come to March, the Korea, Italy and whole European, at mid of March, most countries take the actions, European and Americans like to stock tissue and lavatory paper, their shelf's hand sanitizer already empty.

As we have the production facility of lubricating gel, our city's government ask us produce the sanitizer gel immediately for the country, so we announced the 75% alcohol instant hand sanitizer specially for the corona virus, which can't promise 100% kill, but which is the easy way to make you safe, which can kill most of the germs, following is the professor's remark.

Generally speaking, alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs by disrupting the membranes of various microorganisms, including many viruses, explains James Scott, a professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto specializing in biological hazards in the workplace.

More details of the hand sanitizer, welcome visit the link: https://www.oemcondom.com/product/Instant-Hand-Sanitizer-manufacturer.html


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