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Pros and Cons of Bendzocaine and Lidocaine as delay spray

Benzocaine and lidocaine have many similar uses and forms. Lidocaine is more commonly used as a skin patch, in a systemic form for treating cardiac issues, and as a regional anesthetic. Benzocaine is more often used a a topical anesthetic. Both lidocaine and benzocaine also come in lubricant and condom forms as a means to diminish sensation and prevent premature ejaculation.

Benzocaine Pros

1: safe in use, less dangerous.

2: Most use

Benzocaine Cons:

1: Price a little higher than Lidocaine

Lidocaine Pros

1: Better price than Benzocaine

2: Same effect as Benzocaine

Lidocaine Cons

1: Not so safe in use

2: Not used widely in practise.

As a condom and lube professional producer, we highly recommend choose Benzocaine as active ingredients, which will more safe in practice.


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