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Blister pack condom is workable for custom order

Blister pack condom is ready now, our company bought the new shape packing machine for condom, the regular condom wrapper shape is square or rectangle shape, now the blister pack looks more fashion and luxury for consumers, welcome contact us if you want your brand looks outstanding, we can offer you now, the MOQ is 10000 units.

Blister pack condom, also known as buttercup condom or capsule condom, is a type of condom that is individually packaged in foil-backed plastic packets. These condoms are convenient to carry and easy to store since the packets are small and light. They offer greater protection than loose condoms since they are designed to prevent air pockets and reduce friction. Additionally, these condoms come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors for added pleasure. Furthermore, blister pack condoms provide users with an extra layer of security as the packets are sealed tightly and feature tampering-proof seals.

if you plan bring this new shape condom into your line, welcome contact us by email: sales@OEMcondom.com


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