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Best Condom Company in the World

Who are the best condom company in the world, here we recommend a condom company for you, let's see how they can help you in the condom project, and why they are the best condom company for you:

1: Professional at File Registration at MOH/FDA

As we all know that condom belong to IIB medical device, so it need registration at authority before sell into the market, after more than 15 years experience, we already successfully registered in more than 100 countries, so we are familiar with the registration process. And different country always has their own requirements, our experience will help you solve the special requirements.

And some country's authority always need arrange the officers to inspect at site, our company also pleasure to accomodate the visiting team, and our in site production process also can make them satisfied and all the process up to the file system.

2: Professional at Condom's Quality Control.

Safety: This is the first factor we need to consider, all our condoms up to ISO 4074 and GB/T 7544 Standards, and every condom tested by the electronically testing line, and reject the failed one, so consumer can use it freely.

Soft: This is our advantage with others companies, the soft feeling will also means the skin feel, so this feel will attract more consumers who doesn't want use condom in sex.

3: Professional at new condom's innovation.

As a custom condom maker, we always get worldwide inquiry of new product who related to condom, such as polyurethane dental dam, cup cover, ear cover, shoe cover, glans condom, our engineering team pleasure to work on it, and company also bear half of the cost to make the new product mature, such as the spiked condom is best seller now, our company also can benefit from it.

One Denmark clients want a condom with a ring on condom's shoulder area to prolong the sex, after many times failure, we find it's hard to make it in the dipping line, but it's possible to make it in the lab, so the cost is really higher a lot, but consumers prefer to choose it even it at higher price, they find it's more healthy than the benezocaine delay condoms.

4: Lower MOQ make clients easy to start.

Our MOQ only 10 000 units, not 1 million units or 300K units. Higher MOQ is a big reason to stop clients on the condom's project, which means they need invest huge at first, and they can't make sure when they can get mondy back. Now our lower MOQ make you easy to start the project.

5: Reasonable price

We have a professional purchuring team for all materials, based on our large volume purchursing quantity, which also make our cost better than others competitors. And our professional packing workers also help us lower the each unit's human cost. But reasonable price doesn't means cheap price, which means quality production at affordable and competitive price to same level quality products. we make sure the price you pay we invest on production cost, not on the ads or brands.

So the OEMcondom worth a recommendition to you, and you can email them if you plan build own brand condoms, a reliable supplier will make you easy to start and save your time and funds a lot, and they also can give you advice to help you on the project, because they has enough experience with so many clients worlwide, they also know which types or which style package is best seller at each market: sales@OEMcondom.com or OEMcondom@gmail.com


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