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Polyurethane condom 0.01mm thickness possible?

Most consumers are familiar with latex condom, Polyurethane condom still is new and rare in the market, which is the No.2 at market now, Polyurethane is an elastomer polymer, which is flexible, tough and resistant. This material is widely used in consumer products such as sports wear or fit-gather of paper diapers etc due to its high biocompatibility and reliability.

Some clients prefer to choose Polyurethane condom due to its thickness at 001, and some companies also promote as 001 condom, if it really can make thickness thin to 0.01mm? In technology, which really can lower to 0.01mm, but no condom brand choose the really 0.01mm thickness condom sale in the market, they told us 3 reasons make them not choose the real 0.01mm condom:

1: Too thin increase the risk of burst in use. It's not safe in use.

2: Too thin make the cost increase too much than 0.02mm. Not the thinking of thinner use less latex, thinner means more higher technology and more waste of failed condoms, which all increase the cost.

3: Too thin make consumer not easy to roll out in use. And not easy to roll on when put it on the erect penis.

After we make a study of local market and bought some PU condom at local drug store, most brands also are 0.02mm polyurethane condom, which is more safe and comfortable in use. So we recommend all our clients only choose 0.02mm polyurethane condoms now, it's the best choice.

When you plan announced own brand Polyurethane condoms, welcome contact our team directly: sales@OEMcondom.com or sales@polyurethanecondom.com 


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