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buttercup condom packaging is a fashion trend

The regular shape of condom is the foil wrapper, which has rectangle shape and square shape, both are used many decades, and consumer used to it. Recent years a new shape package is popular, that's the Buttercup Condoms, which come in intuitive, always-right-side-up wrappers so the condom rolls on the right way every time. No teeth required to open, and no awkward fumbling to get it on. And consumer even can open it by one hand. The best condom to use for your first time - or any time. ultra-thin natural latex condoms in easy-open buttercup wrappers stored in re-usable (and cute af) sliding drawers with silk pull ribbons. Which really stand for fashion for condom product, what's why many top brand choose it, and romo condom also choose it for polyurethane condoms.

Features + Benefits:

Premium ultra-thin (0.060-0.065mm) male latex condoms.

Easy-open by one hand, recyclable “buttercup” wrappers.

Condom always right-side-up, so no mistake in use on the right side.

Electronically triple-tested for safety.

Made with 100% natural latex and smooth silicone lubrication.

Fresh & odor-free.

Fits penis sizes M-L (7.09” / 180mm in length, 2.09”/53mm in width)

E co-friendly packaging made with 100% recycled paper.

Ingredients: 100% natural rubber latex (80.17%), hypo-allergenic silicone oil (18.12%), and corn starch & magnesium carbonate powder (1.71%).

This new buttercup container, and the round/circular shape foil wrapper stand for premium and luxury quality assurance. As a private label condom factory, We can custom produce clients own brand buttercup condoms, welcome inquiry us by email: sales@OEMcondom.com


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