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Ministry of Health of Ukraine inspect our company in site

Ukraine ministry of health officers visited our condom production facility in site, they checked all our quality control system files and all the condom procedures in the production in site to make sure all the details up to the Ukraine's standard, esp the production, testing in Lab and packaging process, it's their usual practice to inspect in site to make sure the import products' quality up to standard and stable in long run.

After 3 days work in details, they confirmed our files and site production process all up to these standards. and our company also got approved from EU CE standard too, so we has the ISO13485 and CE certificate. This also help us in the inspections and also prove the officers that we also approved by SGS's annual audit.

Ukraine's government only allow one factory cooperated with one importer in Ukraine, so they are serious in the registration, and the good news is that our company got their approve to supply this market.


Name: Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd





Add:Shandong Province,People Republic of China

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