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Russia has banned the widely popular Durex brand condoms

This is brand new news in the world, A surprise to all the peoples. Condom also can be get entangled in political dispute, now durex has to face it. Russia has banned the widely popular Durex brand condoms over a bureaucratic issue regarding the products’ registration at MOH, according to the country’s health  authorities. They (Durex condoms) are not registered in the proper manner, said Mikhail Murashko, the head of the federal healthcare, according to Russian news agencies. The company must observe the law. Murashko said the condoms could be back on the market if their producer, British household goods firm Reckitt Benckiser, fulfilled the appropriate registration procedures. Durex is a leading condom brand on the Russian market and accounts for one-quarter of condoms sale in the country, according to local media reported.

Murashko said there would be no shortage of condoms in the country because Durex is “only one of the brands” among more than 60 available condom brands. Russia has struggled to control sexually transmitted diseases and infections, with the total number of registered HIV cases in the country exceeded one million in late of 2015 year.

The government’s HIV/Aids prevention policy focuses on treatment while neglecting prevention drives such as sex education in schools, with the number of people infected with the virus soaring as a result, experts say. A 2015 public health campaign in Moscow urged people to be faithful to their partners rather than promoting the condom use. A wide spread of condoms use also can prevent the HIV and AIDs.

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