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How to Use a Finger Condom?

A finger cot, also known as a finger condom or finger glove, which made from natural latex, and it is a flexible tube-like cap that covers a finger. Finger cots are used to keep finger wounds dry but can also be used for safer sex when fingering a partner or performing an anal massage. Which are made of soft, bendable materials rubber latex and are designed to slide over the tip of the finger and cover the finger from tip to base. You can wear a finger condom to keep a cut on your finger from getting infected. It will stay in place better than a bandage. You should also wear a finger cot for protection when you are using fingers during sexual activity. Partners should as well. how to use a finger condom

How to Put on a Finger Condom? Disposable finger cots, like traditional condoms, are made of latex and start out rolled up. Putting them on involves a similar process as well.

First, you slide the cot onto the tip of your finger and then roll it out over the length of your finger. Next, smooth out any bubbles and ensure that the cot lies flat on your finger.

After using a disposable finger condom, you should wash your hands thoroughly and properly dispose of the condom in a trash can. Disposable finger condoms should never be used more than once. To make sure it's brand new for each usage.


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