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white foil condoms for clients own label stickers

In order to cover clients small order requirements, we produced the blank white foiled condom (55x58mm) in stock, the plain shape condom in 52x180mm and 55x190mm, it's a good choice for clients order less than 10K, and we also recommend clients buy own label printed condom if more than 10K, Which will looks more formal and serious, own label foil need setup fee us$250 + us$75/color plate, which is higher cost for new man who start the project.

Not every client can afford the own label foil's setup fee, so they want less cost and own label too, we recommend the sticker on blank white foiled condom, this is workable for MOQ 1000 pcs, the cost as following:

Unit price us$0.05 x 1000pcs=us$50

Own Label sticker: us$100/design

Total us$150 has 1000 pcs own label condom, it's really an amazing project, and own label condom will be a huge promotion for your main business, which will bring huge attention, have a try now, why not ?


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