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Condom's Registration file:Power of Attorney

Before you import condom into your local market, you has to register at first and get the right to sell at local market, so you need to prepare files as their list, and the list also revise after some time, and the mainly file is the power of attorney, which always need the embassy's appostille. Following is an example of Power of Attorney(POA), some countries also called Letter of Authorization(LOA), It's same file just with different names, you can refer following template if authority (MOH or FDA) don't have formal version, or you have to use your authority's version if they has.

Power of Attorney.

Date ( such as Oct 18, 2023)

To Who may Concern:

Hereby the company(Manufacturer Name: Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd) , registered at the address: Middle Licheng Road Development Zone of Linyi County 251500 Dezhou City, Shandong PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, represented by Director ___(Full Name), authorizes Client Name(XXX), registered at the address: XXX, XXX, XXX,  represented by General Director _____(Full Name), acting on the basis of the Charter, to be the Authorized Representative for the full circulation of medical devices in the territory of the____ (Country Name).

- Organize the necessary studies and tests for the purpose of registration or conformity assessment of medical devices in the Russian Federation;

- Initiate an expert examination of the quality, effectiveness and safety of medical devices and their state registration;

- To import into the territory of the Russian Federation, export from the territory of the Russian Federation;

- To carry out storage, transportation, sale, installation, adjustment, use, operation, including technical maintenance provided for by regulatory, technical and (or) operational documentation of the manufacturer (producer), as well as repair, disposal or destruction;

- Represent the manufacturer (manufacturing company or its subsidiaries), in the federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation, which carry out state registration and control of circulation of medical devices, as well as in other Russian organizations authorized to conduct the necessary tests, studies, examinations of quality, effectiveness and safety of medical devices, including organizations authorized to conduct conformity assessment of medical devices;

- Confirm the reliability, accuracy and correctness of translation into Russian of the manufacturer's technical and operational documentation. To certify technical and operational documentation, if necessary, and other documents required for state registration and conformity assessment of a medical device, as well as making appropriate changes to the above documentation;

- Conduct negotiations;

- Sign applications, agreements and other necessary documents, including financial documents, for the purpose of state registration;

- Make payments for services;

- Perform other necessary activities related to the registration or conformity assessment of a medical device.

The registration certificate must be executed in the name of " Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd".

The present Power of Attorney can’t be transferred without the consent of the manufacturer. This power

is not solely. This Power of Attorney is issued for a term of 3 years.



Name: Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd





Add:Shandong Province,People Republic of China

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