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How to use condoms correctly to avoid pregnancy?

Purpose: Condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections.

Indications: Who dont want a baby and those want protection from HIV/AIDS.


1: If you are latex allergic, please dont use the latex condom, you can choose the polyurethane condom or others material, we also have polyisoprene and lambskin condoms.

2: If you use condoms perfectly every single time you have sex, they are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. No method is 100%.

Use Instructions:

1 Use a new condom for each act of sex. Condom can't used second time.

2 Tear open the package carefully. Do not use fingernails, teeth, or anything that can damage the condom.

3 Before any sexual contact, place the condom on the head of the erect penis with the rolled side out. And squeeze the condom nipple's air out, or it will blast easily when face the pressure in push. this is the key and higher failure reason, most consumers complain to us of the condom breakage in use, they think it's our quality problem, but they didn't find the right way to squeeze the air out. When we test the condom's quality in our blasting machine, they can see our quality is super stronger, no need to worry at all if use it correctly.

4 Unroll or pull the condom all the way to the base of the erect penis. If the condom doesn’t unroll easily, it may be on backwards, damaged or too old. Throw it away and start over with a new condom.

5 Immediately after ejaculation, You should hold the rim of the condom in place and withdraw the penis while it is still erect to avoid the sperm fluid into the vagina.

6 Dispose of a used condom by wrapping it in tissue and throwing it into the trash. Wash your hands with soap and water.


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