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Introduction of China Condom Market

China as the world's No.1 population country, the Chinese peoples are 1.412 billions at 2023, which is also the world's No.1 condom market, No one doubt this issue. The second market is India, they are also up to 1.4 billions, But Chinese consumers more richer, so many worldwide condom brands tend to enter the world's NO.1 condom market, some of our clients already has good market share at their own area, so they also want to enter the market of China,  it's understandable for their decision.

Before you make the decision to enter into China condom market, we have following information for your reference:

1: China condom market in fierce competition.

There are more than 50 condom brands on the market, many new brand coming and many go to bankrupty each year, most of them lost or can't get any profit due to the high level competition, top level brands also lower their retail price a lot to gain more consumers, such as durex, okamoto, Romo, Jissbon, which is the key reason why most of them can't gain profit.

2: How much budget you plan invest in the promotion?

A new brand of condom is also popular in China market, it's Daxiang( Elephant), they invest more than 5 million us$ from 2015, Xiaomi mobile's boss Mr Lei Jun is their first investor, so you know they has enough funds come again if first invest run out; now it's 2023 years, your invest need at least can up to 10 million us$, or you really little chance to survive in the market, it's totally waste your money. Save it, please. 

Or you maybe think you has good design or different types of condom which outstanding or different with others, this is not advantage now, because every brands are hard working everyday to make their own products outstanding, we always on the way of higher competition and innovation.

3: How long time you can wait to get profit?

Durex enter into China market at 1990, they can't get profit at first 10 year, or invest the profit into promotion again at second 10 years, others brands also need wait 10 years or more, so how long you can wait? we don't recommend you come into this market if can't wait that time.


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